Lean Management

Visionary Leadership

Aligning  people and process to the purpose (customer value) so that the provider prospers.

Going lean is to focus on getting more and more with less and less.

It is relentless weeding out waste from the system

It is a constant search for a perfect process that is valuable (value creating for the customer), Capable (minimise process variability), Available (reliable processes), Adequate (to meet the demand), flexible, flowed (moving towards one piece flow), pulled (provide when the customer wants) and levelled (anything any time).

Three Stage Approach to Lean:

We follow a three stage approach of Steady State, Delta Change and Quantum Leap of Lean Journey

3) Quantum Leap:
Inventive ideas emerge if we look beyond the current state and beyond the organisational boundaries. Quantum Leap is achieved by ideas initiated, mentored and implemented by focus groups with a strong senior management commitment.

2) Delta Change:
Improving with consistent small initiatives triggered and implemented by people at operating level individually and as groups will spread the movement and sustain the interest across all levels

1) Steady State:
Base for any sustainable movement is stability. We help organisation embark on the Lean journey by enabling a Steady State as the base.

Enabling a journey towards Operational Excellence:

  • We believe that the people working within the organisation know more than any one else.
  • As they are inside the system, they may not see the scope for improvement
  • Our efforts is to unleash the hidden potential of the team towards a journey of operational excellence
  • We adapt the approach to integrate the existing methodologies followed by the organisation