Dákshyam – Strategy alignment and Implementation – Competence to Get Things Done

KPI Explosion

• Specific Measurable KPIs
• Alignment thru’ Objective Ranking and Rating
• Relative Impact of Initiatives measured

Daily Work Management

• Implementation tracked across levels
• Transparency thru Visual Management
• Results are trapped


• Financial Impact under nine drivers of profitability
• Self Evaluation by Operations
• Tracked and trapped thru implementation

Strategy alignment and Implementation

Dákshyam ™ fills three specific gaps in Strategy Implementation

Subjectivity in Measurement, Unintentional Lack of Transparency and Disconnect of KPI across hierarchy and Initiatives. Cascades “Catch Ball” of Managing Points and Check Points with clarity of impact of the initiatives

Set Goal > Strategize > lmplement

Relentless Challenges in Implementation Subjectivity, Blindsided and Disconnect across levels and initiatives Management is an art and science of getting things done through people.

DakshyamTM | Methodology:

  • Revalidate Long Term Goals, Strategies and Annual Goals
  • Set KPIs for Business, Departments and Cascade
  • Use Multi Voting to Correlate and Prioritise the KPIs acroA Hierarchy (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Identify and correlate Initiatives to KPIs and Prioritize; Quantify using PRIDEM”
  • Tracking and Trapping thru Daily Work Management across Hierarchy

Unique features of Dákshyam

  • Setting of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound)
  • Ranking and Rating Mechanism to Align and prioritise KPIs and Initiatives
  • Setting of Inter departmental interface goals
  • Quantification of Initiatives thru’ PRIDEM™
  • Tracking and Trapping of Implementation thru DWM practices