MS Excel is a boon and a bane.

As Decision Makers, we need to get the relevant information to ease our function;

whereas we end up running a parallel system to ERP.

We also generate through ERP a lot of customised reports that seek to alleviate a specific need.

Reports continue even after the need ceases to exist.

Seeking Information beyond ERP is necessary and inevitable.

However, it is imperative, “Let the Real MIS, please stand up!


  • Dip Stick of Current MIS : List, relevance, usage
  • Rationalising the Reports: Source, content, frequency
  • Consolidation of reports: Source, content, frequency
  • Integration with the existing systems
  • Set Protocols for new Report generation, Reports purging and modification

Key features of the approach:

  • Involvement of the user throughout the process
  • Involvement of the inhouse IT team
  • Alignment to the Daily Work Management practices
  • 5S application to MIS
  • Mechanism to sustain the revisit process
  • SoP using RACI model

Enabling Clarity for Informed Decision Making:

  • Better tracking and trapping of performance metrics of the business
  • Systemic approach to MIS
  • Informed decision making
  • Reduction in effort required in generating MIS
  • Minimise duplication of reporting
  • Bring in the three pillars of information viz – Accurate, Timely and Relevant Information