Daily Work Management

Building Blocks of DWM

Ability to manage departments, functions and processes, wherein processes are

Defined, Standardized, Controlled and Improved by the processes owners.

Focusing on Continuous Improvement as an integral part of Daily Work Management.

Ensuring that improvement is sustained through stability measures.

Making Improvement an Integral Part to the Daily Work

  • Alignment to Customer Value is the primary purpose of the stated work area.
  • Establishing Ownership for Continuous Improvement and Stability thru’ Managing Points & Checking Points for individuals in the area.
  • Standard Work and Standard Operating Practices, ensure that the experienced employees understand deviations and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Visual Management ensure that the deviation shows up.
  • Improvements are sustained through rigorous SDCA cycle.
  • PDCA and Daily Kaizen help to Prioritize and Focus on improvement opportunities.
  • Alignment of KPIs to the Policy Deployment, continuous feedback system ensure the inter-departmental interface is seamless.

Enabling to sustain improvement as an Integral part of Daily Work:

  • Stability of operations leading to Predictable results, Consistent quality, Lower cost of operations, On time delivery, Improved Safety standards, involvement of people through ownership, prevention environment through Visual Management
  • Inculcates a culture of Continuous improvement and Systematic Problem solving and more importantly Goal congruence through continuous feed back