Design of Cost Information System

Pioneering Ideas for Industry

Input Based Costing for Process Industries

4D Quadrant for Managing Customers for Profit

4D Quadrant for Project Management

Journey of Cost Excellence

Target Costing integrated with QFD


Operational Excellence is enabled by measuring and managing costs consistently.

Cost information systems designed with the clarity of purpose,

fulfil the business needs of decision support and control,

and compliance needs of Cost Accounting Record Rules and Cost Audit Report Rules.

Enabling Effective Cost Management:

  • Diagnostics of Adequacy of Cost Information System
  • Enabling Cost Visibility
    • Design of Cost Information System to meet Decision Support, Control (Stability) and Statutory Requirements of Cost Accounting.
    • Cost Estimation for RFQ, Tendering and Pricing
    • Cost Tables to Enable New Product Development
  • Enabling Operational Excellence
    • Quantification of Financial Impact of Improvement – PRofitability Impact of DEcision Making (PRIDEM™)
    • Maturity Path of Cost of Quality
    • Earned Value Management and 4 D Grid of Project Cost and Schedule Management ™ for effective Project Cost Management
  • Enabling Strategic Initiativeso
    • Target Costing integrated with Quality Function Deployment for New Product Developmento
    • 4 D Quadrant for Managing Customers for Profit © – Design of Cost Methodologies to enable Customer/Segment Selection, Retention  and Performanceo
    • 4 D Grid of Capacity Planning  © to enable Capacity Decisionso
    • Life Cycle Cost Management to enable long term profitable investments