Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is having processes and people that are

  • Aligned to the Customer Requirement
  • Consistently weed out waste in the systems
  • Create and sustain a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Inculcate a long term view of the business

Savoir faire advocates three aspects for Operational Excellence

  • Lean Management – Relentless war on waste; release capacity to enhance profitability
  • Daily Work Management – Focused approach to managing Daily Work aligned to the KRA and KPI
  • Continuous Improvement as a Culture – Initiating proven methodologies of Root Cause Analysis and Improvement

We help organisations set their in-house Operational Excellence Team to enable the journey of Excellence. We guide, train and enable the OpEx teams to develop an interdisciplinary, inter-domain expertise needed to act as a catalyst for change.

Aligned to Customer

War on Waste

Improvement as a culture