Integrated Design Thinking

Integrated Design Thinking – Aligning the People to Voice of Customer and Profitability

Target Costing: Price Driven Costing to Achieve Desired Profitability
Design Thinking: Immersion; Ideation; Implementation Inculcating Customer Focus across functions
Ensure Quality & Functionality Integrating QFD and other design methodologies

Integrated Design Thinking is an approach to ensure that the Customer Value is fulfilled while achieving the Desired Profitability. It is Integrating Profitability Focus, Customer Focus, Implementation and Design Methodologies.

Value > Price > cost

Sustaining Positive Inequality of Value, Price and Cost is common sense; Common Sense is Uncommon. There are challenges to consistently sustain this inequality

Integrated Design Thinking | Methodology

  • Specific Customer Focus — Choose a specific “Problem Statement”
  • Immersion — Empathise with the Users and Stakeholders
  • Ideation – Cross Functional Brainstorming on the Customer Need
  • Achieving the Desired Quality and Functionality with Required Profitability
  • Project Planning and Implementation —Tracking and Trapping
  • Integrated Design Thinking sensitises the disparate functions in the organisation to keep the customer focus.
  • For the defined “Problem Statement” and “Ideated Solution”, Profitability Focus is Input.
  • It is a fun exercise that makes the functional experts break free and look at the Business Excellence as the Theme.
  • It is done thru a series of workshops over a period.

We have been working on Integrated Design Thinking for more than a decade across industries

  • Our approach is well accepted and appreciated by industries across spectrum
  • Our Unique-in-the-world methodology of Integrating QFD approach to Target Costing ensures that the Quality and Functionality is delivered with desired profit
  • We have consultants trained under the MIT Approach of Design Thinking of Emeritus Institute of Management, Singapore