Awarded as a Best Performing Consulting Organisation (under Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme) conferred by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, 2015

In Pursuit of Improving Industry Practices

  • We actively work with industry bodies in improving best practices and developing solutions for the industries.
  • Our papers and articles on best practices has been widely published in industry magazines.
  • We actively contribute to skill development of the industry through Business Schools and Executive training.
  • Regularly present papers in international and nation conventions on Manufacturing, Cost Management and Design

Our Contribution to Industry Best Practices:

Executive Education:

  • Key resource in conceiving, designing and delivering “Intensive Course on Manufacturing Excellence – Gold Sash Program” of CII Naoroji Godrej Center of Manufacturing Excellence – A one year program to empower Manufacturing Managers to graduate to Business Managers
  • Regularly conducts training program for Consultants and practitioners on Advanced Lean Management of Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute
  • Conceive, design and deliver customised courses in business schools- Pioneer in introducing Strategic Cost Management, Lean Manufacturing, Constraints Management, Managing Customers for Profit, Cost and Financial Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain, to name a few. All these courses have been introduced by us for the first time in India.
  • Conceive, design and deliver customised training programs at various forums like CII, IMTMA, BMA, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research and for specific companies.

Pioneer in introducing unique Management Practices

We have been introducing concepts relevant to industry, and are widely accepted across sectors: To name a few..

  • Integrated Design Thinking is a unique model that integrates Target Costing with QFD, VA/VE, Tear Down and TRIZ
  • PRIDEM™ – Quantification model that goes beyond the existing methods like Zero Based Budgeting, Activity Based Costing, Kaizen Costing and Loss Cost Tree and traces Nine drivers of Profitability
  • Dakshyam™ – Unique model of Strategy implementation that uses a ranking and rating methodology to align the KPIs to Strategy and Initiatives to Strategy.
  • 4D Quadrant of Customer profitability – Model that classifies the customers based on profitability and Sales impact and guides the appropriate actions
  • 4D Quadrant of Project Management – a Visual Control Model to track and guide Project implementation based on Cost and Schedule adherence
  • 4D Quadrant of Capacity Creation – a framework to address the dilemma of capacity creation