Operational excellence is  achieved by undertaking the critical initiatives using appropriate methodologies aligned to the long range plan of the enterprise. These initiatives are not only confined to the organizational boundaries but also cutting across the supply chain. These initiatives are initiated and undertaken by the key employees of the organization.  However, more often these initiatives call for expert guidance and expertise of methodologies which may be missing within the organizational skill sets and line commitments.

We act as a catalyst and animators for these initiatives, as appropriate,and help the organization complete the initiative faster yielding the desired results.

Under the umbrella of Operational Excellence we provide the following services:

Diagnosis of the Current Status of Operational Excellence

We assess the organisation’s current status of the various quality and process improvement initiatives. We assess the impact of these initiatives to fulfill the vision and their impact on the bottom line. The diagnosis covers the following areas:

  • Alignment of the Quality and Process improvement Initiatives to the overall vision of the organisation
  • Appropriateness of the various methods being used in the context of the area of application.
  • Methodologies being followed to articulate the impact on the bottom line.
  • Impact of Performance Measurement System on the various initiatives


Stability and Measurement Initiatives:

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures 
    - Operations
    - Order processing
    - Procurement
  • 5 S Initiation
  • Operational Measurements
    - OEE  measurement 
    - MTTR / MTBF measurements
  • Cost of Quality Measurement


Improvement Initiatives:

  • Cycle time Reduction
    - Procurement
    - Manufacturing
    - Tendering
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Maintenance inventory management
  • Set up /Change over Reduction (SMED)
  • Root Cause Analysis
    - Why/Why analysis
    - Fish Bone Diagram


Supply Chain Management

  • Optimization of logistics / Distribution network
  • Vendor Selection Methodologies
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Optimisation


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