We focus the training initiatives that aims at:

  • addressing the impact of
    - customer focus
    - competitor actions
    - goal conflicts and congruence
    on the bottom-line of the business
  • addressing the various tools and methodologies that facilitate articulating the impact of the above on the bottom-line
  • addressing the need to align the performance measurement to the strategic focus of the organisation

We believe that the training initiative must lead towards focused initiatives by the participants. We specialise in conducting customised  programs for firms by addressing the specific concern areas.  An area of concern ultimately to leads to impacting the bottom line adversely, like, mis-alignment of performance measurement system, inefficiencies in response time, escalating costs, indiscriminate capex initiatives, etc.

We also  conduct conceptual  open programs in forums likeConfederation of Indian Industries, Tata Management Training Centre, India Knowledge Centre, Dubai, Management Study Centre, Bombay Management Association, Madras Management Association, Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association, Organisation of Plastic Processing Industry, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.


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