ERP Adequacy Diagnostics:

We believe that the success of the ERP Adequacy Diagnostics depends on the extent of realisation within the company that the IT systems are underutilised and more can be done to leverage the IT output for business enhancement. We build on this realisation and provide relevant practical solutions to overcome the hurdles. The Diagnosis acts as a first part of a continual improvement and helps in bringing out the current challenges that the organisation faces.

We achieve this by:-

  1. Sensitising the organisation on the initiative and establishing the purpose of the initiative.
  2. Identify the focus areas for the Initiative and ensure that there is enough clarity in the policies and there are documented standard operating procedures for the same. The Diagnosis will also report on the areas where the documentation is not there and not clear.
  3. Have a team of consultants experienced in the specific IT system for the Diagnosis.
  4. Give an unbiased report that and identifies the areas in which improvements should be carried out.
  5. Help the company implement the initiative for eliminating the gaps in the IT systems.


Functional Support for ERP Implementation:

  1. Functional Expert Support for Complete Implementation cycle of FICO,PP, MM & COPA module of SAP and Process Mapping and Reengineering support for PM and S&D modules of SAP for a Footwear Solutions company.
  2. Development of Activity Rates for SAP implementation for the FICO module for a tool manufacturing company in Aurangabad.
  3. Business Process Mapping and end to end Implementation of ERP for a Heavy Engineering Company.
  4. Process Mapping and Work content Mapping and Reengineering for a International Trade Service Provider (CHA).
  5. Review of the various modules for SAP re-implementation for a large Infrastructure company and making the User requirement documentation.
  6. Business Process Reengineering of select modules for SAP implementation for a ROPP caps manufacturing company.

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