Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is having processes and people that are

  • Aligned to the Customer Requirement
  • Consistently weed out waste in the systems
  • Create and sustain a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Inculcate a long term view of the business

Savoir faire advocates three aspects for Operational Excellence

  • Lean Management – Relentless war on waste; release capacity to enhance profitability
  • Daily Work Management – Focused approach to managing Daily Work aligned to the KRA and KPI

Continuous Improvement as a Culture – Initiating proven methodologies of Root Cause Analysis and Improvement

Aligned to Customer

War on Waste

Improvement as a culture


Lean Management

Align Process to Create and sustain Customer Value and weed out waste in the systems

Daily Work Management

Seamless integration of Stability and Improvement as two eyes across hierarchy

Culture of Continuous Improvement

Series of relentless initiatives to inculcate improvement mindset as a culture