Informed Decision Making

Informed Decision Making is the bedrock of

  • Realising Profitability
  • Impact Clarity
  • Effective Cost Management

Savoir faire addresses three perspectives for Informed Decision Making

  • PRIDEM™ (PRofitability Impact of DEcision Making)– Making Decision Makers understand and realize that “For Every Action There Is A Financial Reaction”
  • MIS Purging – Review, Revamp and Improve the Management Information Systems to seek relevant information for Business and Operational Excellence
  • Design of Cost Information System –Design of Cost Information System for Decision Support and Control

Informed Decision

Sources of Profitability

Relevant Information

Cost Impact

PRIDEM - Profitability Impact of Decision Making

Sensitize and Systemetize people to seek profitability

MIS Purging

Seeking Relevant Information for Decision Making

Design of Cost Information System

Align Cost Management to Business Needs