Business Excellence

For a Business to achieve Excellence it needs to

  • Relentlessly discover and rediscover their RELEVANCE TO THE CUSTOMER
  • Gain and regain expertise to consistently fulfil Customer Expectations — need to MANAGE SENSIBLY
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen, ethical and sensitive to the surroundings — need to GOVERN RESPONSIBLY

Long term sustained profitability that exceed investor expectations

Savoir faire advocates three dimensions for Business Excellence

  • Integrated Design Thinking – Making people sensitive to the customer need and profitability
  • Dákshyam – Align the mindset and processes objectively to create customer value and profitability
  • Profitable Customer Focus – Enhancing profitability thru customer interface

Profitable to Investor

Relevance to Customer

Manage Sensibly

Govern Responsibly

Integrated Design Thinking

Aligning the People to Voice of customer and Profitability


Strategy alignment and Implementation

Profitable Customer Focus

4D Quadrant of Customer Focus