About Us

Adding value to businesses over three decades

Savoir faire has been helping Corporates in Business Excellence, Operational Excellence and Informed Decision Making for almost three decades now. We have been consistently working and improving on frameworks and models that are appropriate for specific businesses. We have worked closely with Industries across spectrum – Process, Discrete Manufacturing, Projects and Service.

We believe, that the people working within the organisation are closer to reality. They can relate to their processes and practices better than anyone else. They are more capable to bringing in change within themselves. As a facilitator we are catalyst for that change.

We believe, that the initiatives to be sustainable must cease to be initiatives and be part of the DNA of the Organisation.

People across hierarchy need to focus majority of their efforts on continuous and sustained improvements.

It is imperative that People work with relentless focus on Customer need, Focus on Long term profitability backed by Relevant Information. Thus, they can align the products and processes to the customer requirement. This will go a long way in the journey of Business Excellence.

Business Excellence

Customer focused Profit Oriented Organisation

  • Integrated Design Thinking – Aligning the People to Voice of customer and Profitability
  • Dcikshyam – Strategy alignment and Implementation
  • Profitable Customer Focus – 4D Quadrant of Customer Focus

Operational Excellence

Aligning Process to Customer Focus

  • Lean Management – Consistent Value Fulfilment
  • Daily Work Management – Making Improvement Part of Daily Work Culture
  • Continuous Improvement as a Culture – Minimising Variability and Projects to improve

Informed Decision Making

Fact enabled Gut Feel

  • PRIDEM – PRofitability Impact of DEcision Making
  • MIS Purging – Revamping MIS; building sense amidst Information of overflow
  • Cost Management – Design of Cost Information System for Decision Support and Control